David Suzuki

In 2016, EnergyGeeks partnered with the David Suzuki Foundation – one of Canada’s most influential science-based, environmental organizations. Founded by Canada’s leading environmental activist and scientific academic David Suzuki, the organization’s mission is to “protect the diversity of nature and our quality of life, now and for the future.” This mission spoke deeply to our team at EnergyGeeks, as we are looking to protect our planet by transforming houses across North America into clean energy homes using solar power.

“Renewable energy is important for the many benefits it provides. Renewables are clean, reliable and safe, and have a much lower environmental footprint than conventional energy technologies.”

David Suzuki
EnergyGeeks X David Suzuki Impact
Kilometers Driven by Passenger Vehicles
Pounds of Coal Burned
Trees Planted

Environmental Offset Based on Number of Solar Panels Installed

In this partnership, EnergyGeeks offered to install a free solar power system on qualifying Ontario homes. EnergyGeeks is the trusted advisor to home owners looking to explore solar for their home.  As part of its free solar offering, EnergyGeeks and its partners install, own, operate and maintain solar power systems on Ontario houses at no cost to the homeowner. The homeowner then receives a share of the revenue from the electricity produced. Additionally, as part of their free solar advisory service, EnergyGeeks also offers the homeowner the option to buy or finance the system and collect all the revenues generated.

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