Our Technology

Meet The Industry's First Solar Recommendation System

We believe customers should have a choice in where they get their energy. That’s why we’ve created an online workflow that will help consumers make smart decisions about the solar options that fit their lifestyle and budgets. With a wealth of information about local resources at their fingertips, our expert team of Geeks creates customized solutions on the basis of home size, location, and average monthly energy use. At no cost to the consumer, we are available by chat, text, phone or email to answer questions and offer personal guidance from initial inquiries through quotes, financing, installation and beyond.

Our Geeks assess your energy profile by taking into consideration your property, available incentives, your utility company and rate structure. access to sunlight, home improvement plans & overall goals for you and your family.

Comprehensive Profile Assessment
We assess property, energy modeling, financial and lifestyle concerns.

After assessing your energy profile, we plug your particular situation into our Solar Recommendation System in order to find you the perfect solar solution that perfectly matches your energy needs and financial situation.

Proprietary Matching Algorithm
Leveraging advanced machine learning techniques, we match your needs with the optimal solution.

Once you’ve selected your recommended solar solution, we won’t just hand you off to someone else.  Your assigned Energy Geek will be with you every step of your solar journey to ensure that project goes as smoothly as possible.

Select Recommended Solution
No in-home appointments, all digital, and on your schedule.
Expert Level Guidance, Support and Service Throughout The Entire Process

A site survey will need to be conducted on your property in order to verify the solar viability of your roof. This includes checking the structural integrity, the condition of your roof, and the size and age of your breaker.

If your home passes a site inspection, we will then move into the permitting stage. This includes getting permits from both your utility company and local municipality.

Once permitting is complete, we then move to installation. Installation usually takes 2 days or less, depending on the size of your solar system.

After the system is installed, it’s time to turn it on! Once the system is activated you will be able to begin reaping the benefits of your solar system and producing clean energy for you and your family.