Solar Leases

Finally, the easiest method of getting solar is through a solar lease or power purchase agreement. The two options, if you qualify, completely cover any upfront costs.

All available incentives are claimed on your behalf, and instead of an electric bill, you have a low solar payment every month. Unlike solar loans or purchased systems, the solar installer is responsible for the maintenance and monitoring of the system. All you have to think about is lower electric bills!

Solar leases have a fixed monthly payment that stays the same no matter what.

With PPA’s, you are buying the power produced from the panels, instead of the electricity from your utility. So, when the sun is shining, you pay more for power. But still much less than if you don’t have any.

The two options end up having similar yearly savings, however more people have been getting solar leases in recent years.

Which works for you? Let our SRS find out for you. There are subtle differences between options, let one of our EnergyGeeks guide you through the process!