EnergyGeeks Partners with National Geographic

In November 2018, EnergyGeeks announced its inaugural partnership with National Geographic – one of the world’s most established and empowering media publications, focused on the areas of science, geography, history, world culture and other subjects that affect the global population.

Along with National Geographic, we are collaborating to spread the word about solar energy and how solar energy contributes to your home and your planet, all at once.

Through the use of commanding content and powerful words, EnergyGeeks is educating National Geographic’s huge audience of 400 million people globally on the benefits of solar energy and positively influencing these individuals to join the movement of transitioning to a cleaner world through the deployment of solar panel installations.  

EnergyGeeks proudly tells its company’s story through the content, as well as sharing details on how our solar energy marketplace helps customers to transform their homes into households that truly contribute to the environment while enjoying savings from their use of solar energy over conventional, mass market energy offerings.

All in all, this partnership is about two influential brands coming together to inspire the world to make positive changes that directly impact our Earth. EnergyGeeks is one of the most influential solar energy brands. National Geographic is one of the largest media influencers. A natural, harmonious fit.

For more information, please visit:

Melissa Grosser-Granite

Director of Corporate Communications
+1 (800) 439-5133