EnergyGeeks forges partnership with one of North America’s most trusted contractors, Mike Holmes

In February 2018, EnergyGeeks landed a partnership with Mike Holmes, a fellow Canadian who holds the reputation as one of North America’s most trusted contractors and has created a significant and successful brand worldwide.

Since establishing EnergyGeeks, we have prided ourselves on teaming up with others who are global experts in their fields and hold trust and quality as the most important aspects in their businesses. Mike Holmes and our team share this belief and with our dual connection to the home building and home renovation industries, this was a perfect pairing.

Aside from trust and quality, EnergyGeeks was instantly mesmerized by Mike’s passion for solar energy. Mike Holmes’ own home is contributing to the planet, as he has installed solar panels on his roof and is practicing the use of clean energy in his personal space. The fact that he has transformed his own home to go solar and understands the benefits of clean energy from both a cost-savings and environmental perspective created an incredible starting point for this partnership.

To date, Mike Holmes and his team have utilized their influential network to promote EnergyGeeks across North America. By using Mike’s popular outlets such as his television shows and segments, digital portals, and social media, EnergyGeeks’ solar marketplace and service offerings have been consistently promoted from coast to coast, in turn encouraging more people to go solar at home.

As Mike stated well in a 2016 National Post article: “The sun provides more energy than the world could ever use. It’s free, clean, safe and renewable. One of the best things we can do is use it. Solar energy isn’t a trend, it’s the future. Let’s make it right.”

This is exactly what our team at EnergyGeeks is doing – utilizing our natural resources such as the sun to bring clean energy and savings to homes across North America, all while saving our planet’s environment, one house at a time.

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Director of Corporate Communications
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