EnergyGeeks establishes the first Solar Energy Marketplace in North America

After examining an industry where solar energy transformations at home was a very daunting process, EnergyGeeks was launched to the North American stage for the very first time. We viewed our company then and still view it as a strategic solution to improving the buying process of solar energy for homes and making the process smooth and understood by homeowners. This is not only how EnergyGeeks was established, but this is how our company’s solar energy marketplace was born.

Through our EnergyGeeks process, our customers are not just a number. Each customer is paired up with a solar energy expert, who work with them from the first connection to the final installation. We build up a personalized profile for each customer, based on their household structure and needs, budget, and much more.

Overall, we are making solar energy both accessible and simple to install into the households of North America.

For more information, please visit:

Melissa Grosser-Granite

Director of Corporate Communications
+1 (800) 439-5133