Life at EnergyGeeks

International Experience

At EnergyGeeks, we are dedicated to servicing all North Americans with clean power. With teams in both San Francisco & Toronto, we have international reach and capabilities.

We Seek Excellence
For our customers, for ourselves and for our work.  In everything we do, we like to understand every last detail to ensure that excellence can and will be achieved.  

Diverse in Thought, United in Purpose

At EnergyGeeks, we value ideas and creativity. We are proud of our diverse mix of thought, background, education, intellect and culture.  We’re excited to meet you and learn what makes you unique.

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EnergyGeeks Core Values

The ability to relay information in an interesting and concise way is at the core of being an effective Energy Geek.


Our Geeks are passionate about building a sustainable future and we spread that passion with every interaction we have.


As our decisions will affect our clients for the next 40 years, good judgement is an important part of a career at EnergyGeeks.


Our Geeks truly believe that they can have an impact on ensuring a sustainable future for our planet.


We believe in absolute transparency when helping homeowners make the right decision for their homes and families.


Our Geeks come into the office with the desire to make a difference and improve every day.

Join Our Team!

We are always looking for the brightest and best to join our growing team. Check out open positions below:

Our Team
Mackie Hilborn
Chief Executive Officer
Marcus Joo
Chief Technology Officer
Ian Hilborn
Chief Operations Officer
Chris Stern
Director, Founder
Moe Nikkah
Director of Channel Sales
Lorne Solway
Chief Commercial Officer
Carlene Guishard
Project Manager
Carmine Pantone
Sales Operations & Marketing Manager
Melissa Grosser
PR & Communications